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The leading sport psychology questionnaire in French today is the Ottawa Mental Skills Assessment Tool version 4 (OMSAT-4 ©) authored by Dr. John Salmela and his research team.

The OMSAT is a valid sport psychology tool to assess the current mental strengths and weaknesses of athletes and other high achievers and design appropriate, training programs for performance improvement. The test was created to help researchers investigate the effectiveness of intervention programs to mentally train the mental skills of athletes of various skill levels, sports, and countries.

Dr. Salmela is a world renowned sport psychologist presently residing in Brazil. He has lectured and taught in over 60 countries worldwide, published over 200 articles and has written 18 books. He served as the sport psychologist for the Canadian national gymnastics team for over 20 years, and is now in charge of the coaching education sport psychology program for the International Gymnastics Federation, or the FIG.

Durand-Bush, N., Salmela, J. H., & Green-Demers, I. (2001). The Ottawa Mental Skills Assessment Tool (OMSAT-3*). The Sport Psychologist, 15, 1-19.