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MIS (Mindfulness Inventory for Sport)

This instrument assesses mindfulness in sport as a three-dimensional variable. It measures three sub-scales: meta-awareness, acceptance and refocusing. Meta-awareness is the ability to closely observe one's thoughts, feelings, and body sensations in the present moment; Acceptance is the ability to allow and accept one's thoughts, feelings, and body sensations without trying to judge them; Refocusing is the ability to stay focused or quickly refocus on performance-relevant cues.

Items are understandable by 13 y.o. children. An adult supervision is preferred for younger athletes.

Sport psychology consultants and sport psychologists using this tool should be educated in the 3rd wave of cognitive behavioral therapy.

Languages: English and French (français)

The French version is an adpatation of the original English version by Émilie Thienot et al. and is currently being validated.

[1] Thienot, E., Dimmock, J., Jackson, B., Grove, R., Bernier, M., & Fournier, J. (2014). Development and validation of the Mindfulness Inventory for Sport. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 15, 72-80.