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The Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 (CSAI-2) is the most frequently used instrument by researchers and practitioners for measuring competitive state anxiety in athletes.

CSAI-2 R (2003) is made of 17 statements that appraise 3 components: 1) cognitive Anxiety (e.g : I am concerned about choking under pressure ), 2) somatic anxiety (e.g : My body feels tense ) and 3) self confidence (e.g : I am confident of coming through under pressure ). Numerous studies have shown the psychometric validity of this tool.

The first version of the CSAI-2 vas published in 1990 [1]. Cox and colleagues published a revised version in 2003. This is the version currently available on Mindeval [2]. Researchers keep enhancing the CSAI-2, such as Terry and colleagues [3].

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