$45.00 (per taking)

The Coaching Behavior Scale for Sport (CBS-S) is an instrument that assesses coaching behaviors from athletes’ perspective. The CBS-S provides an assessment, which allows you to evaluate and enhance your coaches’ performance. This proven instrument allows you to track your coaches performances over time in a comprehensive range of coaching skills and behaviors. The CBS-S provides each coach specific feedback and comparisons to other coaches worldwide using a constantly updated data base. The CBS-S is unsurpassed in providing feedback regarding athlete and coach satisfaction, athlete development, coach hiring and placement and ultimately competitive success.

Why is the CBS-S superior to general evaluation tools?

Because it is:

  1. A product that evaluates team coaches’ and elite athletes’ behaviors and practices regarding training, competition, and organizational settings;

  2. An instrument that has been validated through research;

  3. Organized into relevant, behavioral components;

  4. The only coaching assessment tool that examines behaviors such as mental preparation strategies, goal setting and competition strategies.

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